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Covid-19 Protocol

Dear ATKV Guest

For more than a few months, our life boats have been sailing in uncharted waters. 

And even though it is difficult to make sense of the situation we find ourselves in, it is necessary to have hope when looking forward to tomorrow.

In this time of uncertainty and change, you certainly have many questions, and we want to reassure you that our management team is working diligently to ensure that we will be able to once again welcome you at one of our resorts as soon as possible.

AKTV Resorts appreciates your unconditional support and the fact that you choose our resorts as your preferred holiday destinations. We request that our guests pay attention to the following document.

At the ATKV, we are aware of the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic and because the safety of our visitors, employees, contractors and suppliers is of crucial importance to the ATKV, we are acting as responsible citizens. This document emphasises ATKV Resorts's health and safety protocol, as determined by the Minister of Employment and Labour, to attend to the wellness, health and safety of our guests and staff. The procedures and guidelines contained herein have to be revised and adapted continuously. 

The precautionary measures for COVID-19 that are discussed, are as follows:


For employees, suppliers and contactors.

Compliance and legislation

South African legislation in relation to employees, health, safety, consumers and business.

ATKV Group policies

  • The policy for occupational health and safety: This includes COVID-19 training for employees, provision of and guidelines for the use of cleaning products, safety plans for contactors and information provided to visitors.
  • Employee policy: This includes access to the workplace, sick leave and the travel policy. Employees are screened daily, informed and encouraged to stay home when sick.

Contractors and suppliers

Safety plan: This includes employee training and the induction of ATKV health and safety policies.


Provision of information and rules to ensure a safe environment:

  • To generally communicate about adjustments and measures on the different resorts.
  • The availability of ATKV staff. 

COVID-19 is a highly contagious illness that is caused by the coronavirus.This virus and illness became known to humanity for the first time after a breakout in Wuhan, China, in December last year (2019). Therefore, there isn't a vaccine yet, but the symptoms of this virus illness are treatable. Scientists are working very hard to develop a vaccine and test medication by way of clinical trials. In the meantime, people who become seriously ill have to be hospitalised. Most people recover with treatment.

The virus spreads through drop contamination. The most effective way to avoid contamination is therefore to avoid close personal contact with sick and possibly contaminated people. Persons with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable and have to be very careful.


The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, fatigue and a dry cough. Patients can also have pain, a blocked or runny nose, a sore throat or diarrhoea. These symptoms are usually mild and start gradually.

Some people get the virus, but have no symptoms and don't feel sick. Most people (80%) recover from the illness without needing any special care.


  • If you suspect that you are contaminated, don’t go to see a doctor or visit a clinic or hospital without prior. You can unknowingly and unnecessarily expose health workers and others (including sick people) to the virus. Firstly phone the doctor, clinic or hospital and let them know that you are sick, so that they can prepare to receive you safely and effectively. 
  • Guests who suspect that they have already been contaminated should phone their local medical practitioner to get instructions.
  • Often wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If you are worried, consider buying a hand sanitiser with a minimum alcohol content of 70% for use when you leave the house.
  • Cover your mouth with a piece of cloth or your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Try not to contaminate any surfaces with your bodily fluids.

It is strongly recommended that you get vaccinated against the flu (the 2020 vaccine) and pneumococcal infections (if indicated for you). It will relieve the burden on the health care system and protect your ability to work, and it can prevent that you are identified as a potential COVID-19 case. The most important is that it can help prevent illness in general – not only COVID-19.​

The health and safety of our guests and staff is our first priority. The following health and safety protocol will be put in place to ensure that high hygiene and safety standards are maintained:

Monitoring systems

The safety of our staff will be monitored daily, and monitoring systems will be put in place to identify infections in employees, in order to comply with safety protocols. This monitoring system includes but is not limited to:

  • A COVID-19 questionnaire that has to be completed by employees.
  • Employees' temperatures will be taken daily.
  • Employees will sanitise the following items upon arrival:




Virtual meetings

Minimising interpersonal contact by using platforms such as Skype and Zoom for conference calls and meetings.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be made available to employees to prevent exposure to the coronavirus and will include face masks, face shields and gloves, among others.

Maintaining safe work practices

Maintaining a healthy work environment and promoting personal hygiene by providing waste bins with foot pedals, water and soap, paper towels, disinfectants and hand sanitisers with an alcohol content of at least 70%. Instructions for washing hands will be displayed in toilets, ablution facilities and changerooms.

Social distancing, cleaning and sanitation

Social distancing will be maintained by implementing the following measures:

  • Workplaces will be organised to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m between employees. In places where this is not possible, screens will be placed between employees.
  • Hand sanitisers will be kept at all entrances to the office/resort so that hands can be sanitised before an employee enters the work building, if water and soap is not readily available.
  • All work surfaces and shared equipment have to be sanitised. This includes:

-Door handles


-Light switches

-Office equipment such as printers and desks


Emergency communication plans

  • Developing and adjusting emergency communication plans by appointing a task force to handle employees' concerns, with the help of internet-based communication lines.
  • A plan for waste removal and destruction that includes the correct disposal of medical waste, such as gloves, masks etc.

Material for creating awareness and communication

The following material for creating awareness in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic will be placed in the office or on the resort:

  • Visual communication, e.g. protocol posters that focus on incident and incidence reporting and identifying possible risks 
  • Emergency numbers and management's contact numbers will be readily available on the resort.
  • The COVID-19 information brochure will be displayed on the resort.
  • Two-metre-distance signposts at reception.

Communication channels:

  • Internal communication, such as emails, video and the website.
  • Regular communication between management, staff and visitors is important.
  • External communication, such as email banners, press releases and social media. 

5.1. Before arrival

Strict measures are put in place by the ATKV to welcome our guests once again to our various resorts. Please assist us by at all times adhering to these protocols, as we all carry responsibility for each other’s health and safety:

Resort management team

The necessary preparations are done at resort-level:

  • COVID-19 training for resort staff.
  • Each resort has a COVID-19 compliance officer
  • Provide guidelines to staff relating to communication with guests and suppliers.
  • Purchasing cleaning products, PPE and supplies (operational across all departments).

Cleaning and disinfecting units and facilities

  • General maintenance of the terrain and units. Units must be sanitised.
  • Warm water systems must maintain a minimum temperature of 60 degrees.
  • Extra staff will be appointed with regard to cleaning services in ablution facilities to ensure cleanliness and tidiness.
  • Public areas will also get more attention.
  • The facilities that are used regularly, such as swimming pools, ablution facilities, changerooms, restaurants and shops, will be cleaned on a daily basis.

Hand sanitisers

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers will be available at reception, the shops and restaurants.

Social distancing

Indicators for social distancing will be displayed at all entrances, as well as at reception. Security staff will receive training to monitor and manage social distancing.

Guest screening station

A guest screening station will be constructed at the main entrance to the resort. Every visitor (that includes all individuals in family or group) will be asked to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire and to have their temperature taken before they will be allowed to check in. 

The guest screening station will be run by an ATKV employee and every guest will be asked to use the provided hand sanitisers. The employee who runs the screening station will wear PPE.

Guests who have flu symptoms will be asked to move/cancel their booking. Refunds on cancellations will be made in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Once the guest has completed the necessary forms and screening, the guest can be verified and allowed to check in. 


5.2. During a guest's visit 

During a guest's visit to an ATKV resort, each individual will be treated in a friendly and respectful manner, but ATKV management requests that guests keep in mind and apply the following to ensure that all safety protocols are followed:

Reception/Check in

If a guest is not wearing a face mask on arrival, a face mask will be provided at an additional cost.

  • It is the responsibility of the reception staff to wear their masks/face shields at all times and to sanitise their hands or any object (pen, check-in register) before it is handed to the guest/visitor.
  • All card machines have to be disinfected after every use with an alcohol-based disinfectant that has an alcohol content of at least 70%.
  • An express queue concept will be implemented as far as possible, so that every guest/visitor has the least possible contact with the staff.


6.1 Units

  • Cleaning of units, excluding pre-arrival and post-departure sanitisation, will not be offered as an inclusive service for the rest of 2020. Guests that require their units to be serviced (washing of dishes, cleaning of floors and bathrooms/kitchens), will need to indicate their requirement of the service when booking, which will also carry an additional fee.
  • Staff will receive additional internal training on how to clean the units and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • All linen will be washed and tumble dried after guests have departed.
  • Linen will be taken back to units in sealed linen bags to prevent contamination.
  • The use of air conditioning in the units is not encouraged.
  • Where possible, the use of disposable cleaning equipment is recommended.
  • Staff will be requested not to help the guests to carry their luggage to the units, to avoid possible infection.
  • All windows and doors will be left open for as long as possible while the units are being cleaned, to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • Cleaning equipment will be disinfected daily.


6.2 Facilities

  • Cleaning/Maintenance of facilities
  • Public areas will enjoy more attention – unnecessary brochures will be limited, occupancy will be limited to 50% and the area will be kept hygienic.
  • Facilities will be regularly disinfected and cleaned
  • All public facilities, such as changerooms, ablution facilities, restaurants and shops, will have alcohol-based hand sanitiser available, which can to be used by the guest/visitor.
  • Swimming pool water will be treated following the standard specifications in terms of the amount of chemicals needed to ensure a safe swimming area.
  • Swimming sessions (visits to the swimming pools) will be recommended per unit/stand to ensure the least amount of people at a time at the facilities.
  • Hygiene stations must each be serviced and cleaned three times per day.
  • At the gymnasiums, Hydro Spa and fun park, similar rules will be implemented to ensure the least amount of visitors at a time.
  • Play parks have to be sanitised twice a day and the amount of children in relation to the available space has to be limited.
  • The play room has to be sanitised every two hours or must alternatively only be available for limited hours.

6.3 Activities

  • Activities
  • Horse rides and pedal boats will operate within specific time slots and equipment will be sanitised after each use.
  • Waterslides – Only operational for predetermined times, with strict control and supervision in respect of the safety and health risk. (Consider closing the water slide during winter.)
  • Eco rides and quad bikes – Only for predetermined times and equipment will be sanitised after every ride. The maximum amount of guests will be limited to 50% of the usual capacity.
  • Golf, fishing, nature walking trails and mountain bike trails – These are activities where social distancing can be easily maintained and where contact points are minimal. The necessary sanitising of contact points will still be done regularly. 


6.4 Shop 

  • Shop
  • Contactless transactions will be encouraged (credit/debit cards).
  • Boxes have to be sanitised before they are opened.
  • Products have to be disinfected before being put on the shelves.
  • The shop will be fumigated daily to comply with the requirements for the issuing of a health certificate.
  • Contact points must be identified and sanitised hourly.
  • Orders can be placed and paid upfront and then be delivered or collected.


6.5 Restaurant (Koswerf)

  • Koswerf
  • No meals will be provided from outside the resort.
  • Staff will be strictly monitored and will maintain personal as well as food safety and hygiene according to legal requirements.
  • All equipment and cutlery (takeaway included) have to be sanitised after use. Unnecessary equipment will be stored and minimal equipment will be used daily. Equipment that was not used, but was set out in the areas, has to be sanitised again. 
  • Possible option to provide meals on a self-catering-basis in the units, with clear indication that the package was packed and delivered in the most hygienic way possible.
  • In a restaurant setup, four persons will be allowed in 10 m2 if they want to enjoy their takeaway meals on the premises. Clear instructions and a floor plan to ensure this, are necessary.
  • Work stations in the kitchen will be a minimum of 1 m apart.
  • Alcohol sales
  • Alcohol-related products can be sold in the liquor store during the times determined by regulations, namely Mondays to Thursdays, between 09:00 and 17:00.
  • Alcohol-related products may be sold in the restaurant for use on the premises during the hours as determined by the regulations, namely daily until 22:00
  • COVID-19 rules, as implemented for the restaurant, conferences and store will also apply here.


The safety of our staff and guests will remain our priority, to ultimately control the spread of coronavirus in South Africa. It is therefore important that the correct PPE, chemicals and consumable stock is purchased.